Social Business School and Value added

Bernardo Javalquinto, Economist, MBA, PhD

It has been a formidable 2-month odyssey in Bolivia, which has been aided by a wonderful team, taking as north in the heart and in our minds Yunus example, we have designed and realized a cradle of a Social Business School that has for its mission change the way we see business and to be the permanent new lighthouse that will forge a new and great destiny, in knowledge, first for the youth of Bolivia and Latin America later, and why not to say, in many other parts of the world. All this vast work to do, obviously palpable and visible to others, it covers only half the equation that we have taken into account in the birth of this noble and humanitarian non-profit project. In my opinion, every impulse that is aimed at uplifting the human race can be represented by an equation that involves two bodies or well-defined fields: the first, composed by men and women, and the other by education, scientific and technological material (UN Foundation), those must learn to wield for the good of themselves and for all humanity. If, by chance, the most advanced techniques and the most accomplished of knowledge are given to beings not properly formed, the science, technology and social aid will not be assimilated or, worse, will be used for purposes disordered dwarfed or reverse to serve as highly destructive means. Research from various universities, conclude that, at the fair of human abilities, you need just increase up the amount of hours of work and application to transcend the levels of a mediocre performer on the violin, to reach the level of great interpreter. It's all about practice, practice and practice. Of course it is, provided that they are merely repeating patterns of music designed, created and performed by others. Continuing with this example, we want players to train not only to play correct but also to be distinguished performers. Although all reputable, there is a very large gap between Claudio Arrau, and excellent performer compared with a Vivaldi or Mozart which not only they were interpreters but they were also above all creators of beauty of timeless pieces of music. We put in the same manner in the structuring of the first body of the equation, for example the intrinsic perfection of our students, to have access to traditional instruction, allowing them to get rid and liberate them of what is being dark or obsolete, and show the beauty of its art and become visible to all of those treasures that sleep unusable inside its interior. It was the proper task of a Buonarroti, who cleaned with the chisel what is left, in the block of a Carrara marble, given birth to the magnificent Moses or David who was also ignored, and a slept on the stone. If he did not intervened and polished the block of marble there would not have been such pieces of art. In short, we want students who can think who can be conscious of themselves and be aware they can develop and real and efficient creators. In short we must mix art, philosophy, history, anthropology, archeology, psychology, and all humanistic sciences to get the right equation. The Human and Science. Are nothing if you do not mix them with love and general quality education. We think that this is what prof. Yunus want from us, and this is what we want from you, help each other to disseminate our experiences to eradicate poverty via this vehicle call Yunus Social Business School with the collaboration of UDABOL and hopefully with the UN Foundation. Bolivia the second poorest country in LATAM is willing to do it. And I will do everything in our power to help them to accomplish it.

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  • b) every service of the microcredit aims to redesign value chain around the microentrepreneur in ways that minimise risk of being an individual income generator provided you are a hard worker; such microfranchising is arguably the biggest source of 3 billion new jobs that the net generation can co-create if you value the login of our 1984 future history on the net generation
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17 ADIE leading model for end underemployement in Europe

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