Overview of research areas students most need support with in 2012-2013.

This academic year 012-013 was started with Yunus-led social business and jobs competitions in North Carolina and Oregon from which major new focus of student social busibess networks are proiritised. The big news between this and last university year is that the President of Tuskegee University is helping create a new university of ending poverty in alabama's poorest county whose unique competence will build on the 13 years of student processes that 100 southern universities have collaborated around since 2000 thanks to www.ofcvc.org in Atlanta. Community-based microeconomics has never been so strongly represented by the region's entrepreneurs since Yunus left the regions state system in 1972 to return to Bangaldesh! 

NORTH CAROLINA , GREENSBORO 27 Sept 2012 .and the winners are

Fund - the number 1 project student network currently is the winner of the North Carolina Student Competition Penny Funding 1 facebook

Secondplace went to students pitching a biogas business from hog lagoons- we are helping to form a monthly debrief on relevant bioenergy knowledge - see footnote for typical invitation

Third place went to an innovation in portable sanitation - dungaroo. This can have impacts botyh in america (eg a better portaloo at events) and dveloping world where there is no seerage infrastructure. Yunus main partner in singpaore is a world leading social entrepreneur in sanitation - see www.worldtoilet.org


OREGON: 1 October 2012 - and the winners are - coming soon


The 3 projects no celebrating tgeir first birthday out of Georgia concerN all youth who want to:

end Food Deserts

end illiteracy

renew jobs around their states greatest underemployed skillbank caused by global industry leaving skilled workers behing


tell us if you are actively tackling any of these social chalenges and we will help link you in to the relevant student and university networks - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk or phone our washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655 where we are continuously mentoing students between now and 6 Aprul 2013 the date of the tristate stident sb competition being linked in by the university of district of columbia


example of practice support circulation networks- mails emerging on bioenergy

yunus- arguably the knowledge of the grameen shakti network which yunus mentioned at UDC was scaling at moores law speed - half a miliion solar units in total by end 2010, 1 million by end 2011 is most at risk of hasina destruction -at one time it was rumored in dhaka that if yunus ceded her the shakti network she would lay off her hate campaign; bangladesh's low lying grounds are likely to be first 100+million nation to be washed away if climate goes wrong; opportunities to connect green student competition teams with knowledge links are timely
suggested modus operandi- reply if you wish to join this circulation group; after that if you have any relevant green news links post them in during the month and I will send out one aggregate email at start of each new month to all on circulation list (if someone else wants to take over as circulator that's fine with me)
here are a few of the leads I am monitoring as well as yunus' grameen shakti
http://www.microenergycredits.com/ - set up by a co-founder of grameen shakti who lives in seattle- aims to negotiate carbon credits for clean energy networks accounted for by microcredits (I believe typical partners include finca uganda, xacbank mongolia)
sam daley harris founder of microcreditsummit is currently deeply involved in linking in grassroots green advocacy around usa
the philanthropy family (sainsburys) who with prince charles run the http://ashden.org/ awards - my local yunus villager youth correspondent has been asked to organise her tour of bangladesh for early next year; we are also searching for which are other regions lead green prize networks so we can connect them at top decision-making level; I am particularly searching for who is japan's most connected person on clean energy as that country is desperate for a transformation and best plaved to watch yunus back on multiple issues, and it will be interesting to see how many of the 12000 youth at yunus competition in tokyo on 30 january come up with green projects
northcarolina 2nd place project - hog lagoon biogas; last week http://www.convergences2015.org/ prize went prakti biogas ovens; I also met the founder of huskpower who is both an acumen funded company and a former prize winner of the global social venture competition
I know personally stewart wallis founder of barefootpower and a winner of major ashoka prize;
I am still looking for a way to link up the knowledge of neville williams - he started solar in usa under instructions of billy carter, and when us showed little interest started the developing world network http://www.self.org/ - but i belive he is in process of retiring. Yunus started gshakti after being briefed by Neville
Once a circulation group is up I will ask bhuiyan to appraise whether this can be a practice model that works for student competition teams to tap into and know that their practice passions have a continuing linkin structure. As my father reported over his 40 year development of the genre of entreprenurial revolution at The Economist , new sources of energy are only one of the 2 innovations ever to have sustained a leap forward of the whole human race's development. Economists who do not value this truth know must be removed from your nation's and states' policy making as fast as humanly possible if sustainability of future geberations is a national goal.


leslie- i notice nc state appears to have formed a knowledge cooperative around hog biogas http://www.bae.ncsu.edu/programs/extension/manure/energy/digester.pdf
any chance of seeing whether your number 2 winning team and they can link together-I am confident that bioenergy will be a continual focus of yunus usa competitions so good to establish a first base out of north carolina
Lord sainsbury's daughter who with prince charles runs the microenergy prize network http://ashden.org/ is a family friend so if north carolina can get traction around bioenergy social business I am sure she will want to hear the good news- am provisionally  involved in planning her next visit to bangladesh early next year with additional help from my friends at Japanese embassy in dhaka. I am hoping that yunus 12000 student competition in tokyo 30 january will massively connect green projects.
sam daley harris founder of microcreditsummit is currently deeply involved in linking in grassroots green advocacy around usa

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Future of University - Ning

JOSB is home for valuetrue microcredit ratings inspired by scottish microeconomists- papers relating to our 3 primary criteria:

  • a) is microcredit owned by or in trust for poorest? - journalise why is impact of this vital apart from ensuring value of productivity is sustained (not sucked out);
  • b) every service of the microcredit aims to redesign value chain around the microentrepreneur in ways that minimise risk of being an individual income generator provided you are a hard worker; such microfranchising is arguably the biggest source of 3 billion new jobs that the net generation can co-create if you value the login of our 1984 future history on the net generation
  • every opportunity to integrate technology and energy is attended to since history shows these are the only stimuli that can exponentially advance communities wealth and health

top 50 social business and youth job creating networks - journal and other links to following- coming soon


1 jobs competitions -external link 1

2 institutes of social business : linking complete catalogue of cases and action contacts -external link 1

3 singforhope & networks of Future of Heroes (mass media )  -artists & youth peace corps in every community -external link 1

Keynes implied that economists either design or destroy the futures that most people want

Designing the futures that most people want from

4 banking designs value chains of finance &

5  membership integrated with developing healthcare

6 job creating education

7 value chain transformations in selected areas of agriculture ( including feed the future :food security)

8 Where is mobile a gamechanger in microeconomics of a whole sector

9 banks with values -next transformations and goodwill wars - eg mobile currency

APPS and Microfranchises

10 where is micro energy on moores law - doubling total solar energy units installed annually - eg grameen shakti 2012 growing from millon to 2 million!

11 the free nursing college - goal to celebrate girl power by ending nurseless villages

12 celebrating the greatest social business apps of nutrition

 microcredit.tv and valuetrue's 3 ratings as yet only reveal 6 AAA microcredit models

13 Grameen in Bangladesh but not as averagely funded abroad

14 BRAC everywhere

15 jamii bora for kenya an mobilising youth to end sluns

16 microloanfoundation for extreme rural african microcredit models with help from knowledge nets in Boston and London

17 ADIE leading model for end underemployement in Europe

18 Conscious Capitalism selected local parthers in microcredit eg as integrated into total brand reputaion and purpose of whole foods

19 Patent pools and other youth-mediated partnerships where open sourcing technology for poorest is wholly valued by most trusted leaders of our times- 1 million times more collaboration tech than when man raced to moons in 1960s

Investing in net- generation - Goals, visions, future purposes people need most out of every global village

20 ONE GOAL- Youth Investment Banking - first 10000 youth-led projects

21 can make 2015+ goals more systemic than millennium goals version 1

Entrepreneurial Revolution (Year 40 of The Economist challenge leadership genre)  transformations of 20thC systems through youth mediated partnerships and cross-cultural maps -back from future sustainability of borderless world:

30 Future of Economics - Go micro before too big to exist systems end up on Orwell's Big Brother endgame

31 search for 100 leaders of 2010s = worldwide youth's most productive decade - external link www.wholeplanet.tv

32 changing charity, foundation -eg social impact bonds
33 changing gov - eg privatisation owned by communities and grassroots networks

34 changing corporations and media

35 conflict resolution eg through millennium goal shared franchises

36 changing professions

40 US Student competition to end illiteracy

41 US student competition to end food deserts

42 US student competition to regenerate localities around skill bases global industry exited from

43 News of student competition priorities from 12000 Japanese Stident Competition Expo

44 microcredit selection lists by application - wholeplanetfoundation chooses worldwide's most fit microcredits for regenerating rural communities near places that already produce world class produce

48 Stuctural advances in Social Business Capital

49 Viralise Trillion Dollar Audits - what's each global village markets most sustainable human purpose

50 Updating League table of 20 greatest innovation partnerships for 2010s

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