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notes from rehearsal 1 yazmi collaboration cafe silver spring friday 11 september -particular focus cameroon and hubs hackathon school in a tablet -start of search for regional university partners eg st marys , catholic university, 
china incubator network at University of Maryland.
Global Education

can you help millennials demand job-creating, sustainable and social education value everywhere at the same time as befits satellite learning age year 44? With 2015-2016 first year of uniting nations around sustainability goals our maps show 10 priority compasses where families are leading in demanding coaching that changes education in ways that net generation can be the most creative, joyful and collaborative our human race has ever celebrated

Participating Companies
Glodon Company, Ltd. (formerly Beijing Grandsoft Company)
Glodon was founded in 1994 in Beijing, China. It has over 1,000 employees providing information technology solutions for the construction industry. Its principal products consist of complete packages for bidding, construction cost, purchasing and supply chain management. These are unique products in that they are complete off-the-shelf solutions instead of fragmented, in-house-designed proprietary software. Glodon has over 52% of the fast-growing Chinese market share and revenues of $35 Million in 2007. Its customer list includes giants like China Construction Company, Sino Petroleum Company and China Ocean Oil Company. Glodon had an IPO in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. The Company's initial efforts in the MI2 will be R & D in the areas of Construction IT and the Building Information Modeling (BIM).
Shandong Province Liaison Office
The Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province has established a liaison office at the MI2. Its economic development focuses on large enterprises with well-known brand names. Shandong is the largest industrial producer and one of the top manufacturing provinces in China. Shandong has benefited from South Korean and Japanese investment, due to its geographical proximity to those countries. The richest part of the province is the Shandong Peninsula, where the city of Qingdaois home to Haier, one of the most well-known brand names of China. In addition, Dongying's oil fields and petroleum industries form an important component of Shandong's economy. In 2008, the nominal GDP for Shandong was 3.11 trillion Yuan (US$446 billion), ranking second in the country (behind Guangdong and ahead of Jiangsu). The primary mission of the Liaison Office in the MI2 is to assist Shandong businesses to enter into collaboration with U.S. businesses. It will identify businesses in Shandong as candidates to establish operations in the U.S.
CommunityDNS Limited (UK) is a community-based company whose goal is to promote best practices in handling Internet infrastructure domain name resolution services, the underlying infrastructure that makes the Internet work. Increasingly it is becoming a global center of excellence, and participation in CommunityDNS is open to all institutions. The company, currently the second largest domain name system (DNS) provider in the world, is handling around 18 billion DNS queries per day, is anticipated to move into position as the world's leading DNS resolution provider early 2010 with 37 international locations around the world. Working with many global organizations, CommunityDNS is a leading participant in an approved project of the European Commission Directorate General: Justice, Freedom and Security, funded as part of the Specific Program on Prevention, Preparedness, and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security Related Risks, CommunityDNS' contributors are from the European Commission, academic institutions and private sector organizations from around the world. Membership in the MI2 provides the opportunity to work with the University of Maryland to promote UM as a leading academic institution in the field of global DNS resolution services and furthering CommunityDNS' goal of becoming the world's center of excellence in this important area.
DaSol Solar Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Dasol specializes in research, development, manufacturing, installation and service of solar panels, photovoltaic application system and photovoltaic power systems. Its production capacity amounts to 50MW/year. The panels are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East as well as being used by many companies in China. Dasol products have passed the ISO 9001:2000 management systems certification. Its products have been tested in the labs for IEC61215 and IEC61730 certifications. With a plant size of 20,000m2 and many skilled staff members, DASOL provides solar panels from 5W -290W. Dasol also provides off-grid systems, grid-connected systems, solar highway warning lighting, solar street lights, solar garden lights, and solar lawn lights. The company is based in Zhejiang. It plans to setup an US operation for R&D and large scale local production for international market needs.
Totus Lighting Solutions, Inc.
Totus provides solid-state lighting for applications in street lights, area lighting and signage lighting. Totus products can realize electricity savings greater than 50% and long-life products of 100,000 hours. Its power supply technology, called Opti ACTM, uses aging compensation to extend the life of the product while maintaining constant Lumen output. The Lightspread TechnologyTM results in the best photometric performance on the market for outdoor LED lights and allows for adjustability for retrofit applications. The Totus R&D operation at the MI2 will allow it to continue its development of green and state-of-art lighting solutions to world-wide customer base.
Investment & Venture Fund of Tatarstan (IVFRT)
This organization was established in 2004. Its mission is to increase innovation potential in Tatarstan by developing high-tech industries and implementation of new advanced technologies. It plans to provide venture capital in support of technology-based small and medium size businesses. IVFRT provided 10,000 to 100,000 Rubles to 813 winners of applications in 2008. Currently the Fund is financing more than 100 programs.
Dimetek Digital Medical Technologies, Ltd.
Dimetek Digital Medical Technologies, Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a Sino-American joint venture concentrating on research, manufacturing and sales of devices relating to cardio-electrophysiology, neuro-electrophysiology, clinical multi-parameter monitoring, wireless/remote monitoring, clinical data network transmission and processing, and automatic vision assessment equipment. Dimetek focuses on innovative approaches, possessing a number of Chinese and international patents.
Mina Mar Group
Mina Mar Group, a Canadian-based company, is considered a preeminent boutique stock development and investor relations firm. Mina Mar provides custom tailored solutions for individual investors, third party owners, or small-cap and micro-cap public companies in the North American capital market arenas. Its mission is to provide a powerful, multi-faceted approach to increasing trading volume, share price, market valuation, liquidity and name recognition. With thousands of publicly traded companies in the financial world, it is almost impossible for small but growing companies to attract the attention of the investment community and that is where Mina Mar Group provides valuable assistance.
Za Za Ltd.
Za Za is an infrastructure development firm dedicated to providing the technologies, equipment, and human resources to assist Bangladesh expand its emerging economy. Za Za plans to link Bangladesh companies to US industry, Universities and Government to provide emergency planning in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Za Za has received a letter of intent from the Export Import Bank of the United States for $115 Million to provide sustainable green energy for Bangladesh. Equipment and technical services will be provided from Maryland companies and the University of Maryland. Za Za has contracted with the Global Holding Company and an agriculture equipment manufacturer to provide equipment and technical services to establish a CAD-CAM manufacturing facility near the Bangladesh Port. There are other on-going projects under consideration including renewable energy, communications, health, emergency planning, as well as expanding base industries.
DYCENT Biotech Company
DYCENT's research activities are located in Zhang Jiang High-Tech Park, Shanghai, China and include a full range of analytical testing of more than 100 diverse biochemical and materials. DYCENT offers application testing for molecular biology, cell culture, clinical and diagnostic reagents. In addition to analytical and applications testing, custom services include stability studies, bacteriological testing, microbial limits testing and other evaluations to meet individual customer requirements. These activities contribute to DYCENT's comprehensive approach to technical support for all products and services. Founded in 2003, DYCENT pioneered manufacturing of premixed pouched buffers, and developed the ultrapure BioTM fine biochemicals and reagents as an industry-standard. In 2006, DYCENT built large-scale production facilities at Taichang, China, its location for bulk manufacturing of buffers and biochemicals. The company has continuously expanded plant and technical capabilities, adding large-scale process equipment and state-of-the-art facilities
Signalway Antibody Biotech Company (SAB)
SAB provides custom antibodies to customers worldwide, including researchers at universities and in biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies. With more than 20 years in academic antibody research and monoclonal antibody experience, SAB's scientists help customers in the design and selection of antigen epitomes and in the production of numerous antibodies. SAB products cover a wide range in the antibody categories; Phospho-Specific, Tag, Mak, Bil and secondary antibodies. Its headquarters is located in Nanjing, China. Its newly establish US office is located at the MI2. SAB can ship products and support customers directly from its Maryland Office where it also plans to conduct R&D activities.
JSC National Scientific and Technology Holding Company of Kazakhstan
JSC has over 2,300 employees in Kazakhstan, including 18 members of Kazakh National Academy, 98 doctors of sciences and 238 candidates of sciences. The JSC organization's goal are to establish favorable conditions for Scientific-Technological development, introduction of new science-based technical development and breakthrough technological projects required for the market. The main business activity is scientific research, formation and implementation of projects, development of technologies for existing industries in five priority sectors: metallurgy, mining and related service industries, nanotechnologies, photochemistry, renewable and alternative energy, information and space technologies. Its office in the MI2 is to facilitate scientific and technological cooperation with University of Maryland, establish business contacts and cooperation with Maryland based institutions and companies; represent holding and other Kazakh institutions and companies in MI2; initiate joint technology and business projects to create new products for US and international markets.
Indus Links
Indus Links is in the business of promoting Maryland as an investment destination for Indian companies that are interested in the U.S. market. Indus Links assists the Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development (DBED) in recruiting Indian companies to establish locations in Maryland. In June 2010, Indus Links incorporated Indus Links America, LLC in the State of Maryland and established its office at the MI2. Indus Links plans to increase the engagement of Maryland exporters in the Indian market by assisting its export efforts. In addition, Indus Links assists DBED in providing export assistance services to Maryland companies that are seeking to expand its presence in India.

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Future of University - Ning

JOSB is home for valuetrue microcredit ratings inspired by scottish microeconomists- papers relating to our 3 primary criteria:

  • a) is microcredit owned by or in trust for poorest? - journalise why is impact of this vital apart from ensuring value of productivity is sustained (not sucked out);
  • b) every service of the microcredit aims to redesign value chain around the microentrepreneur in ways that minimise risk of being an individual income generator provided you are a hard worker; such microfranchising is arguably the biggest source of 3 billion new jobs that the net generation can co-create if you value the login of our 1984 future history on the net generation
  • every opportunity to integrate technology and energy is attended to since history shows these are the only stimuli that can exponentially advance communities wealth and health

top 50 social business and youth job creating networks - journal and other links to following- coming soon


1 jobs competitions -external link 1

2 institutes of social business : linking complete catalogue of cases and action contacts -external link 1

3 singforhope & networks of Future of Heroes (mass media )  -artists & youth peace corps in every community -external link 1

Keynes implied that economists either design or destroy the futures that most people want

Designing the futures that most people want from

4 banking designs value chains of finance &

5  membership integrated with developing healthcare

6 job creating education

7 value chain transformations in selected areas of agriculture ( including feed the future :food security)

8 Where is mobile a gamechanger in microeconomics of a whole sector

9 banks with values -next transformations and goodwill wars - eg mobile currency

APPS and Microfranchises

10 where is micro energy on moores law - doubling total solar energy units installed annually - eg grameen shakti 2012 growing from millon to 2 million!

11 the free nursing college - goal to celebrate girl power by ending nurseless villages

12 celebrating the greatest social business apps of nutrition and valuetrue's 3 ratings as yet only reveal 6 AAA microcredit models

13 Grameen in Bangladesh but not as averagely funded abroad

14 BRAC everywhere

15 jamii bora for kenya an mobilising youth to end sluns

16 microloanfoundation for extreme rural african microcredit models with help from knowledge nets in Boston and London

17 ADIE leading model for end underemployement in Europe

18 Conscious Capitalism selected local parthers in microcredit eg as integrated into total brand reputaion and purpose of whole foods

19 Patent pools and other youth-mediated partnerships where open sourcing technology for poorest is wholly valued by most trusted leaders of our times- 1 million times more collaboration tech than when man raced to moons in 1960s

Investing in net- generation - Goals, visions, future purposes people need most out of every global village

20 ONE GOAL- Youth Investment Banking - first 10000 youth-led projects

21 can make 2015+ goals more systemic than millennium goals version 1

Entrepreneurial Revolution (Year 40 of The Economist challenge leadership genre)  transformations of 20thC systems through youth mediated partnerships and cross-cultural maps -back from future sustainability of borderless world:

30 Future of Economics - Go micro before too big to exist systems end up on Orwell's Big Brother endgame

31 search for 100 leaders of 2010s = worldwide youth's most productive decade - external link

32 changing charity, foundation -eg social impact bonds
33 changing gov - eg privatisation owned by communities and grassroots networks

34 changing corporations and media

35 conflict resolution eg through millennium goal shared franchises

36 changing professions

40 US Student competition to end illiteracy

41 US student competition to end food deserts

42 US student competition to regenerate localities around skill bases global industry exited from

43 News of student competition priorities from 12000 Japanese Stident Competition Expo

44 microcredit selection lists by application - wholeplanetfoundation chooses worldwide's most fit microcredits for regenerating rural communities near places that already produce world class produce

48 Stuctural advances in Social Business Capital

49 Viralise Trillion Dollar Audits - what's each global village markets most sustainable human purpose

50 Updating League table of 20 greatest innovation partnerships for 2010s

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