BJ Facebook good news 12 sept 2015   -related reference in Rome - Latin American College Partners

International Award right. Mo Professor Bernardo Javalquinto
We are pleased to inform you that the jury of the xiv edition of the international award "Giuseppe Sciacca", Chaired by Prof. Giuseppe Santaniello, president hon.
With regard to the board of sato, along with our staff, headed by his eminence the SR. Cardinal darío castrillón holes, be assigned the special jury award to the economy.

Our cultural event involves the interest and the active cooperation of the most qualified in the world of culture and of the Italian and European institutions, distinguishing himself in a special way for their own purposes ethical and humanitarian. This edition of sciacca, under the aegis of the "Foundation Giuseppe Sciacca of charity and culture for justice and peace of the people onlus", Like its predecessors, l ' Hanni, with the sponsorship of the various departments of the Italian Republic and other institutions are important in the international arena. The Award of S. S. Benedict XVI IN 2005 with the approval of the holy father wanted to indizzarci, consideration singular repeatedly revealed to us by the presidents of the Italian Republic and the presidency of the European Parliament, the praise and recognition that receives many important Institutions, along with the accession of eminent personalities to our organization, which are a strong inventiveness to continue on the path undertaken.

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One of the first researchers in 1972 for The Economist on net generation and ending poverty with my father who depute edited The Economist. I believe preferential option poor auditing is the greatest joy young impact entrepreneur professionals can master in remapping value chains. My associates work, linking china and us west coast, with leading open learning platforms and nations who wish to launch universities for the disadvantaged to become jobs creators and social world traders. I also connect partnerships in rome
[8/20/2015 12:05:02 PM] chrismacraedc: Christopher Macrae
[8/20/2015 12:05:30 PM] chrismacraedc: birth july 19 1951
[8/20/2015 12:05:39 PM] chrismacraedc: nationality uk
[8/20/2015 12:05:42 PM] chrismacraedc: redidence usa
[8/20/2015 12:43:42 PM] *** Call ended, duration 39:56 ***
[11:50:35 AM] *** Call to Bernardo Javalquinto, no answer. ***
bernardo can you help me understand diaries - we know of world bank meetings in peru
[11:51:54 AM] chrismacraedc: will there be a celebration of your award in rome
[11:53:03 AM] chrismacraedc: i most need to find something amy can do -otherwise she will have to take boriung job in china
[11:53:55 AM] chrismacraedc: bedy yang is one critical person - given her braziliam axis , question how string is your brazil uni partner
[11:54:54 AM] chrismacraedc: nancy ib dc will be helpinfg me approach various regionbal universities- but if we have amother go at catholic what to say
[11:55:38 AM] chrismacraedc: do you ecer see yourself in usa- eg writing directky to see if gutierrez in notre dame will receive a visit
[11:56:45 AM] chrismacraedc: the big issue nort being leveraged out of dc is how to advance jim kims tranforation of aid guiven it xalls for pop cultire and maximun change by millennials of their own curriculum
[11:57:48 AM] chrismacraedc: nobody is doing this properly- is it worth waitinng for antonio- do you expect ever to visit him
[11:58:42 AM] chrismacraedc: yes there is cuny but not sure what to day until i see if nancy approach to dc rehion unis makes progress
[11:59:47 AM] chrismacraedc: direct approaches to unis havent historixally been good way for me to proceed unless there is a ciibgregation of partners
[12:00:25 PM] chrismacraedc: then there is relevance of ens to dubai perhaps with mit linkls we are tryong to reactivate
[12:00:54 PM] chrismacraedc: i will try and make sure tese notes are all explanded in your forum at

bernardo asked about connections at unhcr

chris writes: Not an active one

UNHCR Headquarters Organizational Structure (Geneva and Budapest)  you can see he is near top of left hand box saijad malik attended inaugural social business summit in wolfburg 2009

at the time grameen trust and unhcr were expecting to partner

i did try and keep in touch but no active correspondence

georges -- is unhcr a network you link out of geneva, and how di your masterclass in florence go demonstrating digital 3d archeology etc?

also worth asking anna in case she comes across unhcr people in san diego and as timely to try again to build millennial clubs around values of Francis, Jim Kim et al

dear anna 

bernardo just won a prize from rome for being a latin ameican economist who develops social mba courses  and impacts studnets in region more deeply than pther professors

we are also aiming to get to lima for world bank start of the year first week of october

I would like to understand if there is anything more we can do as preferential option poor still very badly misunderstood in dc development world. Also now peace summit has been lost from atlanta and is being hosted in barcelona- maybe its best if the summit stays in latin culture countries

from my  research in europe (eg while volunteer editor of eu knowledgeboard) rome and barcelona have always been top in trying to encourage positive translation between faiths

and i still feel there is deep support among spanish peoples if not the banks themselves for comeback in community banking


From: Bernardo Javalquinto <>
To: christopher macrae <> 
Sent: Sunday, 13 September 2015, 15:40
Subject: UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

Do you have any contact at

Bernardo Javalquinto Economist
+569 9 1557014 

Dear Katerina 

In bernardo's weekly newsletter to me, he mentioned your interest in helping youth massively understand curriculum of social business

Between 2007 and 2012 i visited muhammad yunus 10 times in dhaka to see if there were ways to help- mostofa who grew up in bangladesh villages had been working tireless on youth ambassador projects since 2006

my father had been the pro-youth (end poverty ) economist at The Economist so dad enjoyed sharing his last public birthday with muhammad yunus at the royal automobile club in london

this became the joint brochure of dad and yunus on how to prevent a decade of banking destroying youth 

and my family and friends and we distributed 10000 dvds to youth from youtube interviews made with leadership team in grameen bank summer 2008 - the day the nobel peace laureate judge visited mirpur to open the yunus museum and to promise that bangaldeshi youth would never be forgotten


Apart from ending bad banking my father since 1972 had urged anyone he interviewed
to design the internet around the smartest open learning networks - empowering
millennials to be the most creative and collaborative of all generations

< but am quite sad as my family donated about
<40000 dollars towards yunus social business competitions in the states and the intention

From: Bernardo Javalquinto <>
To: christopher macrae <>; London Mostofa Zaman <>; Alizee <> 
Sent: Sunday, 13 September 2015, 15:00
Subject: Introduction of Social Entrepreneurship & SenseDrink - Social Entrepreneurs & Changemakers Santiago (Santiago) - Meetup

A Successful Merger and Acquisition (M&As) seems to be the magic answer to the globalization of the economy. Every day new business operations of this nature are announced in newspapers all over the world. However, in the HBS Magazine the article The Big Idea: The New M&A Playbook, by Clayton M. Christensen, Richard Alton, Curtis Rising, and Andrew Waldeck “when a CEO wants to boost corporate performance or jump-start long-term growth, the thought of acquiring another company can be extraordinarily seductive. Indeed, companies spend more than $2 trillion on acquisitions every year. Yet study after study puts the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions somewhere between 70% and 90%. A lot of researchers have tried to explain those abysmal statistics, usually by analyzing the attributes of deals that worked and those that didn’t. What’s lacking, we believe, is a robust theory that identifies the causes of those successes and failures.” And only 10% of the M&As are successful. This means that, in most of the cases, when you add 1 plus1 is not equal to 2, but 1, 5. Studies of numerous cases of M&As have shown that the formula of success is made up of, at least, three basic fundamental factors. First, you have to think about the strategic vision that you will have with this new entity and of the value added that will contribute to this new merger. Second, choose the best similarities of the different cultures that shared same or similar values and that will make or empower your organization. Finally, make the integration process to be well managed. This last statement is very delicate. Because if you think carefully the value of a company is changing from the tangible value factors in the past to intangible factors, that are appearing to be extremely valuable, e.g., the clients and the personnel. Of course, those are obviously the ones that we don't buy. We should change our way of thinking and we should convince them that the merger will be profitable for them; otherwise, they simply leave and or are fired because they create chaos in the process and leads to the destruction of value of the company. The integration is not a mere arithmetic operation, but rather it requires, to be very careful, and especially to have tact in order to avoid a rupture between the winning assumptions and the presumed losers. The first step is to define who will be the "Architect of the Merger" and quickly clarify the situation to the top management level, to avoid the concern of a future stagnation in the main level of executives of the company. The decisions taken should be objective and applied with judgment in order not to generate a "war of clans." Also, it means to constitute a mixed and quite balanced team that will really do the job for you "all the way, just for the success of the merger.” The next step is defining the rules of the game clearly, where the fairness and impartiality of the Architect is completely reliable, with no question, whatsoever. At the same time, during the whole process is required a good plan of communication, without it, the field is left free for all kind of speculations and uncertainty. The speech should be coherent with the acts and vice versa. The management team should define their plan of action quickly and put it in progress immediately, in order to avoid deception and the risk of being left in the middle of road. The biggest problem is that all the energy could be absorbed solving internal problems of the M&As. If this happen, it is possible that when you lose control of the administration and of the business, this will create a great benefit for the competitors. So, in order to completely successful, the merger cannot be a mere absorption of one company to another. On the contrary, the result should be “in the creation of a new entity that arises with their own culture that emerges with the

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Future of University - Ning

JOSB is home for valuetrue microcredit ratings inspired by scottish microeconomists- papers relating to our 3 primary criteria:

  • a) is microcredit owned by or in trust for poorest? - journalise why is impact of this vital apart from ensuring value of productivity is sustained (not sucked out);
  • b) every service of the microcredit aims to redesign value chain around the microentrepreneur in ways that minimise risk of being an individual income generator provided you are a hard worker; such microfranchising is arguably the biggest source of 3 billion new jobs that the net generation can co-create if you value the login of our 1984 future history on the net generation
  • every opportunity to integrate technology and energy is attended to since history shows these are the only stimuli that can exponentially advance communities wealth and health

top 50 social business and youth job creating networks - journal and other links to following- coming soon


1 jobs competitions -external link 1

2 institutes of social business : linking complete catalogue of cases and action contacts -external link 1

3 singforhope & networks of Future of Heroes (mass media )  -artists & youth peace corps in every community -external link 1

Keynes implied that economists either design or destroy the futures that most people want

Designing the futures that most people want from

4 banking designs value chains of finance &

5  membership integrated with developing healthcare

6 job creating education

7 value chain transformations in selected areas of agriculture ( including feed the future :food security)

8 Where is mobile a gamechanger in microeconomics of a whole sector

9 banks with values -next transformations and goodwill wars - eg mobile currency

APPS and Microfranchises

10 where is micro energy on moores law - doubling total solar energy units installed annually - eg grameen shakti 2012 growing from millon to 2 million!

11 the free nursing college - goal to celebrate girl power by ending nurseless villages

12 celebrating the greatest social business apps of nutrition and valuetrue's 3 ratings as yet only reveal 6 AAA microcredit models

13 Grameen in Bangladesh but not as averagely funded abroad

14 BRAC everywhere

15 jamii bora for kenya an mobilising youth to end sluns

16 microloanfoundation for extreme rural african microcredit models with help from knowledge nets in Boston and London

17 ADIE leading model for end underemployement in Europe

18 Conscious Capitalism selected local parthers in microcredit eg as integrated into total brand reputaion and purpose of whole foods

19 Patent pools and other youth-mediated partnerships where open sourcing technology for poorest is wholly valued by most trusted leaders of our times- 1 million times more collaboration tech than when man raced to moons in 1960s

Investing in net- generation - Goals, visions, future purposes people need most out of every global village

20 ONE GOAL- Youth Investment Banking - first 10000 youth-led projects

21 can make 2015+ goals more systemic than millennium goals version 1

Entrepreneurial Revolution (Year 40 of The Economist challenge leadership genre)  transformations of 20thC systems through youth mediated partnerships and cross-cultural maps -back from future sustainability of borderless world:

30 Future of Economics - Go micro before too big to exist systems end up on Orwell's Big Brother endgame

31 search for 100 leaders of 2010s = worldwide youth's most productive decade - external link

32 changing charity, foundation -eg social impact bonds
33 changing gov - eg privatisation owned by communities and grassroots networks

34 changing corporations and media

35 conflict resolution eg through millennium goal shared franchises

36 changing professions

40 US Student competition to end illiteracy

41 US student competition to end food deserts

42 US student competition to regenerate localities around skill bases global industry exited from

43 News of student competition priorities from 12000 Japanese Stident Competition Expo

44 microcredit selection lists by application - wholeplanetfoundation chooses worldwide's most fit microcredits for regenerating rural communities near places that already produce world class produce

48 Stuctural advances in Social Business Capital

49 Viralise Trillion Dollar Audits - what's each global village markets most sustainable human purpose

50 Updating League table of 20 greatest innovation partnerships for 2010s

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